5 Best Alternatives of Windows 8


In my previous post you learnt about Windows 8 and it is going to be in every new PC’s around, by the end of this year. But many people still are not happy with its new metro interface and some of them fear what the analysts have predicted. They feel that the new operating system from Microsoft is going to be a failure like what happened with Windows Vista. They list many reasons including the high cost of transition from Windows 7 to new one, the unfriendly interface and so on. For those people who are reluctant to use the Windows 8 Metro on its arrival, here is a list of 5 alternatives compiled by ZDNet.

1. Stick to Windows XP:


     Well everybody likes Windows XP and they still use it. It is getting older, but still is working fine. Even though Microsoft says the company will officially end support for Windows XP in April 2004, they have extended its support before. Also according to the last month report from Net Applications, Windows XP continues to be the most used OS in the world. So it will be difficult for Microsoft to withdraw the XP support.






2. Move to a Linux or Mac Desktop:

Well, if you are not a hardcore Windows fan, then Linux is the best option for you. Many will complain about the interface, but with its latest release like Linux Cinnamon Desktop, it looks convincing, especially to the XP users. It can prove to be the best for both power users and common users.

When it comes to a Mac desktop, you get high performance along with a super usability. The only thing which may drag you back is the pricing. But if you want such quality, you have to pay for it.










3.Move to the Cloud with Google’s Chrome OS:

Well, Google’s Chrome OS is not been popular yet, but it can be a good alternative for the windows users. It is nothing but a Google Chrome web browser on top of a Linux backbone. It can do all you want by integration with the cloud- Web browsing, mails, use all the applications available in the cloud and so on. Since everything you need is available in cloud now, the Chrome OS might be all you need.


4. Stick with Windows 7 or Move to it:

To many experts, Windows 7 is the best version of OS from Microsoft till date. It is not same as Windows XP and you will get many tools to move your data and applications from XP to Windows 7. Even though Windows 7 is not as secure as Linux, it is much secure than the previous versions of Windows. So when Windows Metro is launched, you can demand for shipping your device with Windows 7 instead.


5. Use an iPad or Android Tablet Instead:

The world is shifting to tablets and why can’t you? Even the Windows 8 is primarily targeted for tablets and is really looks and work better in them. But the problem is the people who are already fond of Android’s price tag and they also love iPads. So it is better if you leave your bulky desktop and move to something new and interesting, which can do all the work you want with the desktop, may be more than that, without stealing the space.


Anyways these are only the alternatives of Windows 8,lets wait and see if windows 8 will come under your expectation or not.


Source : www.silionindia.com



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