8 Things you must know about Windows 8

Hello Again with this post lets try to find out some information about Windows8 as it is suppose to launch in Oct 2012. By putting aside the hype about its consumer preview,there are some more additions that have been catching everybody’s attention and even been causing uproar in some cases.The thing is how do you know that if Windows 8 is right for you ,you’d like to stick to your Windows 7 OS for your computer ? Here are 8 facts about Windows 8 Infoworld says you should know before you decide to switch your OS.

1. Dolby Digital Support (again): image

Gamers and Audiophiles are bound to be overjoyed at Windows 8’s support of Dolby Digital Plus in all its versions, but not many take into account the fact that Windows 7 too made the same offering (for a number of its versions). The only thing that differentiates the offering this time is that computer maker is required to license the codec directly.

2. You can’t playback DVDs:

              Windows announced that it would be cutting out the support for DVD playback from its Windows Media Player, and supported its move saying that most users watch streamed content from online sources such as YouTube and Hulu. This way, the company would be cutting costs related to maintaining the codec’s required for discs, and following the path that ultrabooks, netbooks, and tablets have paved since they don’t have disc-related hardware. Microsoft suggested that customers who wanted DVD support could use third-party software that was compatible with Windows 8.


3. Media Center available only on pay-to-play basis:

Media Center will be available only as an upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version of the OS, and Windows can’t natively play DVDs without it.


4. Family Safety first:

With this feature parents can use the Apps which allows them to filter and block online contents,and monitor their kids online usage. Previously it was a part of the Windows Live Essentials add-on pack that had to be downloaded and installed manually,But windows 8 has Family Safety as a built-in feature that will run automatically; based on settings determines by the parents using it.


5. SkyDrive for everyone!:

Every Windows 8 device and future version of the Windows Phone will connect users to a free SkyDrive account automatically as soon as they log in.Cloud storage is the crux of Microsoft’s strategy that aims at delivering a consistent experience across computing devices, since it gives users access to their data no matter what device they’re on.


6. Windows Live will be dead:

Microsoft has to the relief of its customers, planned to kill the ‘Windows Live’ brand off especially since the name referred to a number of desktop and Internet services that confused customers. Authentication services were brought up by Windows Live ID, storage services referred to Live Mesh and Windows Live Mesh, and e-mail was called Windows Live Mail. With Windows 8, these services will simply be known as Microsoft account SkyDrive, and Mail respectively.


7. Windows 8’s Release Preview:

As Older versions of Windows had it releasing ‘Developer Previews’ and ‘Public Betas’. But with Windows 8, the previously released Consumer Preview will be available as a ‘Release Preview’ from next month.the change in nomenclature suggests that the version to be released is a nearly finished version of the operating system.


8. Nook e-Reader running on Windows 8?

Last week saw Microsoft investing about $300 million investment in a new Barnes & Noble digital division (code-named NewCo). As informationWeek also reported that the bookseller committed to producing an e-reader app for Windows 8 tablets, while theory has Nooks that run on Windows 8 instead of the current Android OS. Well in any case, the Barnes & Noble teaming up with Microsoft will give the Windows 8 tablets access to BarnesandNoble.com’s stock of book titles, as well as Netflix movies, TV shows, and other content.



3 thoughts on “8 Things you must know about Windows 8

  1. Great! this post drafted in a fantastic way. Cheers to Vinod for wonderful execution in explaining and insight into this topic. Windows 8 is something which we all were anticipating and waiting with eagerness. Keep rocking, researching and deliver such fantastic work.


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